REI has high-interest in electric mobility, and is tuning in to the EVCS Infrastructure markets, listening and learning, partnering and bringing a studied approach to a fast-evolving marketplace.  We’re conservative, and so we’re purposefully not diving in headlong. But we believe there are dimensions and nuances of the E-mobility market that offer promise.

We don’t produce electric vehicles.  We don’t manufacture charging stations.  We don’t build switchgear, transformers, or distribution panels.  And we’re not a software company.  But at the intersection of the aforementioned and policy, practicality, and possibility, we believe there is a smart play here.  And it’s likely about things we’re good at.  Integration.  Optimization. Efficiency.

We’re thinking about design, flow, systems-of-systems and multiple value streams.  Fleet-level infrastructure and smart energy management.  Modularity and quality engineering.  Inter-operability and scalability.

Watch this space, or let us know how we might assist you with your objectives.