Energy consumers, large and small, pay high fees for peak electricity usage.  Technology is evolving, and business needs advance along with it.  High-tech mission-critical systems are becoming the norm in data-driven enterprises requiring consistent uptime and quality power. Life-safety is impacted in the dense high-rise urban environment and warrants better pro-active measures to address resilience.

REI directly steps into and engages these dynamics, addressing crucial market shortcomings and direction, offering innovative engineered solutions.  REI additionally brings infrastructure development skills, cross-disciplinary knowledge, and partners to address technical markets and financial optionality.

Our approach for mission-critical markets (select data centers, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing industry, and agribusinesses) is technology-agnostic, and driven by the context of the Energy EcoSystem at each site.  We challenge assumptions, think creatively, and with a measure of humility, we draw in best-in-class experts for the benefit of the analyses as well as for our clients.

Energy security.  Risk mitigation.  Local energy for local demand.  Energy predictability.  Integrated systems that pencil.